Rahway River
Trout Unlimited #155

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Rahway River Clean Up
March 15, 2014                                              
   Our chapter activities are intended
to conserve our coldwater fisheries. Directly through stream restoration projects or indirectly by increasing public awareness of our precious outdoor resources. Local events also promote participation in outdoor activities within our community.

Ongoing conservation opportunities include...


Musconetcong River Restoration Project
Working with the Trout Unlimited Musconetcong Watershed Association's Home River's Initative Coordinator Brian Cowden. This Catch & Release streach is along Rt57 behind the Cliffdale Inn property. This is the first large scale channel restoration project not associated with dam removals to improve aquatic habitat by creating low flow structures that will allow for sediment transport instead of sediment accumulation, freeing up great habitat for both insects and trout.

On Sept. 22nd the RRTU Chapter returned to help complete the Cliffdale Inn project by planting and caging the trees and shrubs along the Warren County bank. This property was preserved for public access by Trout Unlimited's land trust partner, Heritage Conservancy, and Trout Unlimited performed river channel restoration on this 1/3 mile of the Musky behind the Inn in February.

Trout Unlimited volunteers from all over New Jersey help plant native trees and shrubs on Sunday October the 14th. This restoration project was on the banks of the state owned Musconetcong Wildlife Management Area along the river just upstream of the Musconetcong Watershed Association's River Resource Center. Groups of High school students assisted planting and caging some native trees and shrubs. This is an effort to help protect the banks, provide shade for the river and filter runoff in storm events.

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